Contractors Insurance & Public Entities Insurance / Government Insurance Programs for Toledo, Waterville, Wauseon, Whitehouse, Maumee, Perrysburg, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Contractors insurance for businesses in Defiance OHPublic entities in Ohio and all around the nation are under constant pressure to deliver public services with an ever-changing and diminishing budget. This puts public establishments and institutions in a turbulent state and increases the everyday risks that public entities face. But with the additional pressure, the last thing that public institutions should have to worry about is their public entity’s insurance. 

At Beck Insurance Agency we work with government insurance programs in Ohio to provide public institutions with public entity insurance coverage that keeps them protected from the various risk they face. We work with public entities in Toledo, Waterville, Perrysburg and surrounding areas to procure proper coverage and take the pressure off their shoulders.

What Does Public Entities Insurance Cover?

Public entities are a big part of our daily lives.

From work to our loved ones going to school, and the overall integrity of our local government, public entities keep our lives and our communities functioning in an orderly fashion. In order to maintain the functionality of public institutions, every entity should be armed with sufficient public entities insurance.

Each public institution requires a unique and specialized form of public entities insurance to keep the institution protected and to keep the community safe. At Beck Insurance Agency we offer public entity insurance to public institutions in Toledo, Waterville, Wauseon, Whitehouse, Maumee, Perrysburg and surrounding areas that cover a variety of aspects that include:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Contractors Errors and Omissions
  • Business Auto
  • Bonds

Contractors insurance in Toledo

Contractors Insurance

Contractors require a unique form of insurance coverage to keep them protected from the various risks that they face. Through a unique blend of liability insurance, bodily injury insurance, workers comp insurance, and more, contractors insurance aims to keep contractors protected from the dangers of the job and their liability.

We work diligently to provide our clients with the right contractor’s insurance at the right price. Working with you to gauge your specific needs, at Beck Insurance Agency we help you procure the contractor’s insurance that keeps you protected from all angles.

More Information on Contractors Insurance

Government Insurance Programs

Since 1988 Beck Insurance Agency has been one of the prominent agencies in Ohio in working with the Ohio plan’s government insurance programs. Seeking to provide comprehensive public entities insurance coverage to the public entities in Ohio, government insurance programs in Ohio have been extremely beneficial to contractors in public entities.

It’s our privilege to work with public entities implementing government insurance programs to provide coverage to institutions in Toledo, Perrysburg, Waterville, and surrounding areas with the correct protection that keeps public entities shielded against the various risks they face. We work with public entities such as:

  • Local Government
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Maintenance Departments
  • Public and Private Education
  • Trade Schools
  • Law Enforcement, and more.

Learn more about government programs and the public entities insurance available to you.