Auto & Boat Dealers, Garages & Dealerships, and Repair Shops Business Insurance in Toledo, Waterville, Wauseon, Whitehouse, Maumee, Perrysburg, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Business insurance in Perrysburg for auto body shopsOwning your own garage, dealership, body shop, or repair shop is an exciting endeavor. But it also comes with a variety of additional risks that other commercial businesses don’t have to worry about. As a dealer, the value of your business is showcased freely for all to see. In addition, you have an entire staff of employees to consider and the quantities of people that visit your lot on a daily basis.

In the litigious world that we live in, you need to have the proper insurance to keep you and your business safeguarded from the risks that you face.

At Beck Insurance Agency we provide a wide range of insurance solutions for professional dealers, repairmen and more in Toledo, Waterville, Wauseon, Whitehouse, Maumee, Perrysburg, and surrounding areas.

We provide auto dealership insurance, boat dealership insurance, and repair shop insurance that cover:

  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Campers
  • Motorhomes
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Farm & Construction Implements, etc. 

Auto dealership insurance

Auto Dealership Insurance

Owners of auto dealerships, both new and used, require a unique and specific form of auto dealership insurance coverage that keeps them protected from the many risks that come with owning a dealership.

Not only do the automobiles and vehicles need to be covered, but so do the employees and the liability of the owner themselves. With various people filtering in and out of dealerships on a daily basis, there is a heightened risk for things to go wrong and for you to be hit with a lawsuit. If that time comes you will need to be equipped with the auto dealership insurance coverage that Keeps you protected and preserves the reputation of your dealership.

Boat dealership insuranceBoat Dealership Insurance

Owning a boat is not an inexpensive hobby. Boat dealers have thousands or even millions of dollars of assets sitting on their lots year-round. That is why boat dealers need to be armed with marine and boat dealer insurance that keeps them protected from the many risks that they face.

At Beck Insurance Agency we provide boat insurance to dealers with agencies both new and used in Toledo, Waterville, Perrysburg and surrounding areas. At Beck Insurance we offer affordable and quality boat Insurance options. Our agents work diligently to provide you with the boat insurance that your dealership needs at a rate that’s attractive to you.

Repair shop insurance business insurance in ToledoRepair Shop Insurance

With the constant activity and movement in repair shops, it’s a given that shops need to be covered with repair shop insurance. In addition to the constant hard labor, oftentimes repair shops are full of dangerous equipment that can cause harm if not operated correctly.

At Beck Insurance Agency we offer repair shop insurance that helps repair shop owners and their businesses stay protected from the many risks that they may encounter. With your finances in mind, we provide you with quality repair shop insurance that fits your budget and business needs.