Insurance in Perrysburg, OH: Determining the Cost of Your Long-Term Care Insurance

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Life insurance coverage is one of the most popular forms of insurance coverage for individuals of all ages looking to protect their beneficiaries. However, not everyone knows that long-term care insurance can provide care for you while you’re still living. With options that combine life and long-term care, you can provide protection for yourself and your loved ones after you’re gone.

Long term care policies are typically not covered under standard life or health insurance plans, making long-term care essential for aging individuals that require assistance for everyday activities. If you’re worried about the cost of long-term care there are saving options available through Medicaid, and federal & state health insurance programs. In addition to special programs, there are various other aspects that affect the cost of your long-term care insurance:

  • Age & Health Conditions – The price of your policy can vary depending on your age and your existing health conditions. In general, the younger you are, and the less pre-existing health conditions you have, the cheaper your policy will be.
  • Marital Status – In general, married couples have lower premiums than single individuals.
  • Amount of Coverage – Your level of coverage can determine the price of your long-term care insurance. Lifetime benefits, restrictions, and elimination periods can affect the cost of your long term care.
  • Gender – Your gender can impact the cost of your long-term care insurance coverage. Women tend to live longer and make more claims than men, making the cost of long-term care more expensive for females.

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