Beck Insurance Fall Tips for Homeowners Insurance Customers in Bryan OH, Defiance OH, Swanton OH, Sylvania OH, Toledo, Wauseon OH, and Nearby Cities

Some say that fall is their favorite time of the year. Back to school, Halloween, cooler nights, apple picking and more. It certainly is a relief to hot summers and a nice setting for the upcoming holiday season. But homeowners need to be aware of how to prepare their house for the upcoming seasonal changes. Here are some of the recommendations for our homeowner’s insurance customers including those in Bryan OH, Defiance OH, Swanton OH, Sylvania OH, Toledo, and Wauseon OH.

Those tree leaves sure are pretty, aren’t they? All the different color changes they go through from green to red and orange. You might even enjoy raking them up for the kids and the dog to jump in. But don’t forget those leaves are falling on your roof and collecting in your gutter. Once they clog up your gutter, all the water from fall storms has nowhere to go and is backing up to your attic, crawlspace or between walls. What follows next is interior or structural damage, mold, wood rot or more. Chances are you already know the schedule for cleaning your gutters. Twice a year is recommended, or even twice a season if surrounded by deciduous trees. While you’re near your roofline, look for loose shingles or roof other issues. Of course, you shouldn’t try roof repairs on your own, but you’ll want to get them repaired before harsh winter storms.

Next, come the candles. Yes, they give off great pumpkin spice smells. And yes, they look great on the table during a holiday meal. However, these decorating flames cause 80 deaths and $264 million in damages PER YEAR! We’re not saying to throw out your candles but be sure your family is prepared.  Here are some tips to create your own ‘home fireplan’. Get the whole family involved so everyone knows the importance of fire safety.

  1. Start with an audit of your house including all outlets and smoke detectors. Any outlets that are loose or jiggling need to be repaired. If your smoke detectors don’t give a warning when the battery is low, this might be a good time to start planning annual battery changes.
  2. Flashlights and fire extinguishers should be placed at regular intervals throughout the home where residents know to find them. Make sure that children know they are for safety and not for playing.
  3. Any candles, space heaters or other potential incendiary device should only be allowed after all potential hazards, such as flammable linens, have been cleared from the area.

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