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“Why are insurance agents always pushing life insurance?”

We hear this often and there are a couple of reasons. First of all, you need it. Your family needs it.  There’s no doubt someone is depending on you. Elderly parents? Shopping, cleaning, transporting and other services for your family? We know NO ONE wants to think about the unthinkable but unfortunately, you need to get the protection that will save your family from further hardship after their loss. It may be uncomfortable to think about, but we guarantee it doesn’t move ahead any timelines.

Next, the majority of people we talk to are not aware of the costs for life insurance. Statistics show people tend to think that life insurance costs three times more than it actually does. Our experience says this is true.  As soon as an agent mentions life insurance, we can start to see clients become squirmy.  But you won’t know until you ask! And, getting a policy for just $50,000 a year can cost only about $100 annually. That’s less than $10 a month! What could your family do with $50,000 if the unthinkable happens? Cover bills for a few months? Put away some for college savings? Pay off the car? How much of a relief would this provide your family at the worst time of their lives?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many people think about life insurance only after they’ve seen a situation of a friend or acquittance pass. It doesn’t matter if the person had or didn’t have life insurance, it’s now on the top of people’s minds. What will the family do now? How are they going to go on? Will they lose their house? This is when people start to realize the importance of life insurance and do some hard thinking about their own needs.

So next time you’re curious, let’s talk about life insurance. We won’t pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with. We’ll give you honest answers about costs, payouts, policy limits and more. But, insurance is our job and watching is out for our clients is part of it.