I’m about to turn age 65, what are Medicare Insurance Parts C and Part D?

What are Medicare Parts C and Part D?

Last week we discussed Medicare Parts A and B, but there are two more parts that you will hear others talk about and see and hear on commercials.  So what are people talking about when they mention Medicare Parts C and D?

Part C is a how you get “Medigap” coverage through a plan called an Advantage Plan.  Medicare Advantage Plans are Medicare approved plans from a private company that offers an alternative to the “original” Medicare.  These plans are bundled so they give you Part A, Part B, and Part D all in one.  In most cases, you will need to then use doctors who are in that plan’s network.

Medicare Part D is your drug coverage.  This part is separate from Parts A and B.  Some important things to keep in mind with Part D:  It is HIGHLY recommended to review plans available to you as soon as you become Medicare eligible.  If you do not enroll in a Part D plan at that time and you decide at a later date to enroll, you may be subject to a penalty.  Also very important is to review your plan at every Annual Election Period (AEP).  Coverages, contacts, and pharmacies can change and the AEP allows you the opportunity to review and make adjustments to your plan for the upcoming year.  The Annual Election Period runs from October 15 through December 7th each year.

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