When should I start thinking about Medicare?

So when should I begin planning for Medicare?

If you are approaching your 65th birthday you are most likely wondering how or when do I sign up for Medicare.  At Beck Insurance Agency, we recommend signing up for Medicare anytime between 3-6 months prior to your sixty fifth birthday by contacting your local social security office.  When calling let them know it’s time for you to sign up for your Medicare card.  This process may vary slightly from office to office primarily because of covid and how they are choosing to operate.

Once you have your Medicare card, we then recommend that you schedule your appointment with our agency to explore your options and rates regarding coverage.  Ideally, this appointment should be around 30-60 days prior to your birthday.

We are also available outside of these windows of time however if you would like to come in with additional questions or get a head start in your research.

More to come next week on Medicare Mondays, with Lori Good!