What are current CD interest rates?

I have a CD coming up for renewal, what are the current CD interest rates?

My question would be, if you are healthy – why would you want to renew a CD?  Bare with me…

I hate to generalize, but most clients I find that are drawn to CD’s are those who are over the age of 55, who prefer the safety and security of CD’s over market-driven assets, and quite often the money they have sitting in CD’s I would consider “never money”.  Meaning, they never intend to spend or live off this cash, but rather they are setting it aside in hopes of leaving it as a gift to loved ones.

If that’s the case, and if you are reasonably healthy – there is a much better option.

Let’s take a 60 year old female in good health.  She has $100,000 in cash she would like to store away to be passed down to kids, grandkids, her church, and/or favorite charitable organization.

A quick Google search here finds that according to Nerd Wallet, the best interest rate on a 5 year CD would be through TIAA Bank at a whopping 0.80%.

If she instead took that $100,000 and put it into a Single Premium Whole Life policy, she would transform that $100,000 into a tax-free death benefit of approximately $235,990 on day 1.

Some quick math in the illustration below shows that in order to have that same $100,000 grow to $235,990 through this “best CD option per Nerd Wallet”, it would take…….108 years to do so.  One hundred and eight years.  1-8-0.  That’s just crazy.  

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CD interest rates example of 60 year old female with $100,000 deposit

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