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Beck Insurance is a longstanding company that serves clients in the Toledo, Ohio area that need homeowners insurance and other types of coverage. We take our responsibility to the communities we serve very seriously, and we are quite gratified by that consistent positive feedback that we receive. When you choose our agency, you will receive an uncommon level of service from start to finish.

Protect Your Investment

If you still owe money on your home, your mortgage company is going to have certain requirements with regard to your homeowners insurance. This is a fact of life, and you have to comply with it. At the same time, you should understand all of your own personal exposure, because you may want to carry additional coverage to protect yourself.

Homeowners Insurance in Toledo, Defiance, Bryan, Sylvania, Waterville When you are obtaining your homeowners insurance, there are decisions that must be made. Deductible levels will vary, and it can be hard to understand how to proceed. We place an emphasis on communication, so you can rest assured that we will answer all of your questions so that you can make the right choices.

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that a standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. You can, however, add separate flood insurance, and this is another type of coverage that we offer to our clients. In addition to homes that are occupied, we can obtain coverage for residential property that is under construction.

Renters Insurance

Many people lease their places of residence in this area, and a significant percentage of them embrace a popular misconception. They assume that landlords’ homeowners insurance policies will cover property that is owned by the tenants. In fact, this is not the case at all.

Because of this dynamic, renters insurance is a must. The renters insurance that you can obtain through our agency will protect your belongings, but that’s not all. If someone is injured on the property that you are renting, you would have a certain level of liability protection.

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