Medicare Myth = “It costs more to use an agent.”

Many people mistakenly believe that it costs more for your Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.

Not only is this wrong, as the cost to you is the same – but there are many benefits to using a certified and licensed agent instead of “going it alone”.  They are:

  1.  Licensed agents know early about upcoming carrier changes, plan changes or plan discontinuation, and rate or network changes.  We can then give you a heads up and have other options available ahead of time.  This is super valuable because the open enrollment period is such a small window, there are only a limited number of appointments available during this time.
  2. Access to a local expert and advocate.  If an issue arises with coverage or a network would you rather seek help from your local agent, or call an 800 number?
  3. Personal relationships with key insurance company personnel allow greater flexibility and consideration if a situation arises.
  4. Medicare can be complex.  Using a professional agent helps you avoid costly mistakes such as using an out of network provider, or prescription drug issues.
  5. Cost.  Did I mention that the cost is the same?  

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