Life Insurance is About Family and Protecting Loved Ones

Jenny and I moved out here to be out in the country, to just enjoy the outdoors.  Jenny was somebody that had a smile on her face all of the time.  

She was always just a great person to be around and she always brought life into any room she walked into.  Jenny was in the medical profession, she wanted to start planning for her future.  She was working full time, she was actually looking to put more away – and I thought life insurance might be a good thing to look at.  And I said well let’s get some good basic coverage in place and we can use it as a way to accumulate cash.  We started out a permanent life insurance policy.  

Soon after we got married our first son was born, Michael.  And then we had a set of twins.

It was real important to Jenny to be home with the kids so went from being full time to being a mom.  

We starting looking at our finances and were thinking about that we could probably get rid of that life insurance policy because we couldn’t afford it.

There was a debate as to whether or not they wanted to keep insurance at all, and we never made a change.

Jenny ended up getting pregnant with a fourth child, and we had decided that we were going to be moving out where Jenny’s folks lived.  So we had sold our house and then Jenny went into labor.  The labor and delivery  became very complicated, and as Samuel was born Jenny had been hemorrhaging quite severely on her way to the OR.  She went into cardiac arrest and she passed away.  It was a very bitter sweet day.

When I got the call it was shock.  Couldn’t believe it.  

After Jenny passed away it was very tough taking care of a new infant, and three little boys – two still in diapers.  I was able to take that time off of work and the life insurance policy that we ended up keeping in force ended up helping out with a lot of expenses.

If he didn’t have the insurance I couldn’t imagine what that would have been like for him.  Jim and the kids today, they are doing fantastic.  

Since Jenny’s death I have actually purchased a life insurance policy for myself and my children.  This has shown me the value of life insurance and that you never know when you might need it.  

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