Life Insurance for the cost of……..Chipotle?

My 19 year old son religiously gets a chicken burrito at Chipotle at least twice a week.

Let’s pretend he doesn’t splurge for the queso and guacamole, even though we all know he does.  That comes to $7.25 per tasty burrito.  If he gets two a week, that comes to 104 burritos a year, which averages to 8.7 burritos per month.  At $7.25 a pop….he’s dolling out $63.08 a month in burritos!

This is stupid Joe, what’s the point?  

Well most people grossly overestimate the cost of life insurance, so I like to see what coverage is typically available compared to the cost of our daily guilty pleasures.  In this case, burritos.

Not that a 19 year old ever would want to indulge in life insurance, but if he did – $63 a month would get him $2,318,359 in coverage on a 10 year term.  $2,238,416 on a 15 year term life policy.  $2,163,798 on a 20 year, $1,854,672 on a 30 year, or $1,081,900 on a term life policy that would take him to the age of 65.

If he put it all in whole life he would get $155,288 guaranteed forever.

Buy life insurance before you think you need it.  Because often by the time you need it, you cannot buy it.

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Random delicious burrito for effect. This is not a chipotle burrito.