Life Insurance for the cost of Amazon Prime?

How much life insurance can I get for the monthly cost of Amazon Prime?

As I type this, the going rate for Amazon Prime is $12.99 a month.  

Again, randomly choosing an insurance company, a healthy 32 year old female would be able to buy $218,546 of life insurance on a ten year term for the same cost.  She could get $195,546 on a fifteen year term, $172,812 on a twenty year term, $114,322 on a thirty year term, or even $101,794 on a term to age 65 life policy.

So how much life insurance could a 32 year old male get for the same cost?  A ten year term he could get $176,928, a fifteen year would be $154,816, a twenty would be $137,614, a thirty would be $100,000, and a term to age 65 would be $100,000.

All for the monthly cost of $12.99.

We often have no problem spending money on the unnecessary, myself included.  Just make sure you have enough of the things that matter, such as life insurance so that your loved ones are taken care of.  If you don’t have life insurance, or if you don’t have enough, or if you simply aren’t sure….please….click, or call us today at 419-446-2777.

Joseph D. Beck, CIC, CPRM, President

Beck Insurance Agency