Life Insurance 101

What is life insurance?

Well, it’s actually a simple answer to a difficult question.   

From parents, to empty nesters, single people, to retirees – almost everyone has someone who depends on them.  So ask yourself, would my loved ones struggle financially if I weren’t here?  If the answer is yes, then you likely need life insurance.  It pays cash to your loved ones if you die.  They can use it for anything…for funeral costs, to bills daily living expenses, to future dreams like college or retirement. It can be customized to your needs and may be cheaper than you think. 

A healthy 30 year old can potentially get $250,000 of coverage for around $13 a month.  Not only is it affordable, it’s easier to get than ever before.  Life Insurance is so important because it ensures your loved ones would be ok financially if something happened to you.  And remember, the best time to get life insurance is right now.

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