Insurance Myths, Legends, and Lies…. (#4)

“Insurance is all the same.”

This myth is the hardest of overcome.  Major insurance company advertising campaigns have effectively convinced people that insurance is all about price.  Even insurance agents have contributed to this lie.  My first phone calls as an agent began with, “I’d like to see if I can save you money on your insurance.”

Insurance should be about the protection provided, not the cost – a truism it took me a couple years to learn as an agent.  That is not to say the cost should not be considered, but we must remove the idea from peoples’ minds that insurance is all about price.

We must view a policy not by cost, but in terms of value.  We can ALWAYS BUILD an insurance package at a lower price than what one carries, but you must consider “will it provide all the necessary protection?”.  Of course not.  A poorly designed insurance program (i.e. the cheapest policy) can cause a major loss in the person’s bottom line (the one looked at and depended on the most heavily). 



Source:  Christopher Boggs, Insurance Journal