I’m on Medicare, what if my prescriptions change in the middle of the year?

What if my prescription gets changed in the middle of the year when I’m on Medicare?

No worries!  You really do not need to do anything, except have your script sent to the pharmacy of choice and present your prescription drug card.  When you sign up for either a stand alone prescription drug plan (PDP) or if your prescription drug plan is part of your Advantage plan – no matter what happens throughout the year you do not need to do anything different.

At your Medicare appointment, we enter the medications that you are currently taking, enter your preferred pharmacy, and find the plan that fits you at that moment in time.  Despite that, doing so does not lock you into those scripts or pharmacy going forward.  So if your medications change or if you wish to use a different pharmacy, neither are a problem.

Drug prices often change from year to year.  We encourage our clients who have stand alone prescription drug plans (PDP’s) to schedule an appointment with us each year during the annual open enrollment period.  This allows us to review your current medications and make any adjustments and to ensure you are still in the best plan for you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please click, or call us at  Beck Insurance Agency…..419-446-2777.  Thank you very much!

Lori Good, Senior Products Specialist

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