How much does Medicare Part A and Part B cost?

How much does Medicare Part A and Part B cost?

If you have worked at least 40 calendar quarters and paid social security taxes, Medicare Part A is provided at “zero premium”.  Medicare Part A is hospital coverage and also covers skilled nursing care, hospice care, as well as some other limited services.  Medicare Part A, however usually does not provide 100% coverage for hospital stays, but rather it pays 80% and you are responsible for the other 20% left unpaid.

Medicare Part B covers outpatient procedures.  Part B does come with a monthly cost, and if you are drawing social security, those premiums will be deducted from those benefits.  For 2021 the monthly cost of Part B is $148.50, and it covers procedures at 80%.  You then would again be responsible for the remaining 20%.

In either instance you would be responsible for 20% of the costs of service.  This is where Medicare Supplement Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans come in handy, to take care of that remaining 20% out of pocket.  

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Lori Good, Senior Products Specialist