How Do I Protect Myself From Vishing Attacks?

Protecting Yourself From Voice Scammers and Vishing Attacks:


Before we get started, we know what you’re thinking: ‘what is vishing?’. Let us clarify. “Vishing” or “voice phishing” is the phone’s version of email phishing attacks.

Still confused?

It’s those random, fraudulent calls you get that you ignore or quickly answer and hang up. The person on the other end is usually trying to get your secure information and steal your money or identity.

There are many different ways a person can use vishing to steal your information, but here is one example:

A person may call and say they are from your bank and your account has been compromised. They may then ask for your account number, birthday, and other personal information to attempt to steal your money.

Hopefully you aren’t staying on the phone with these callers or sharing any of this personal information because it can be pretty risky to do so.

But what happens to vulnerable populations, like the elderly, that don’t know these calls are scams? Or when the person on the other end sounds really convincing?

Here are a few tips to protect yourself before, during, and after a vishing attack: 

  1. Before vishing even happens…

    Before you ever get a vishing call, make sure you protect yourself with ID Theft Recovery Services. Pekin Insurance offers this coverage through a partnership with CYBERSCOUT, and they have a lot of great information on their site about what this coverage offers.

    In addition, educate yourself and your vulnerable family members, like elderly individuals, on the dangers of vishing. Provide them with examples of what that might look like and teach them to simply hang up.

  2. During a vishing attack…

    Okay, so you answered the phone to a vishing attack. Don’t panic! Quickly hang up and do not reveal any personal information.

    If you’re unsure if it’s a vishing attack, always err on the side of caution. If you have to question whether it’s a scam call or not, it probably is.

    If you’re still concerned that it may be a legitimate call, hang up and call the direct number for whatever entity they are claiming to be. For example, if they are claiming to be your bank, give your bank a call after hanging up and confirm with them.

  3. After a vishing attack…

    Phew! The call is over, and you made it through. Now, it’s time to assess what just happened and decide what your best next steps are.

    Ask yourself questions like…

    Did I give them any personal information that they can steal? If so, who do I need to contact to help me repair the situation?

    In addition, block the number they called from so the same scammer can’t call again.

    We know vishing can be scary, especially for vulnerable populations who aren’t aware of this new wave type of scammer. By following the simple steps above or encouraging your family members to, you will be better prepared and protected for the next vishing attack.

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