How can I protect my young family?

Everyone, regardless of age, wants to do everything they can to protect their family.  While each person’s circumstances vary, here is what a 26 year old with a young family decided to do:

He chose a Transitional Life policy through Pekin Life Insurance Company.  A transitional life policy is a hybrid combination of both term and whole life insurance.  Based on his family’s needs, we estimated that should he prematurely die it would take approximately $1,000,000 in coverage to help his spouse raise their kids without his income.  The policy he opted for provided this full $1,000,000 limit through the first twenty years.

At the end of those twenty years however, instead of the policy completely terminating like a conventional term life policy, his death benefit instead automatically transitions to a paid up whole life policy with a limit of $100,000.  He would then keep this whole life benefit so long as he lives, without ever paying another penny after those first twenty years.

All for the cost of around $130 a month.  That is the ultimate gift of love to one’s family.  Well done, sir.

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Joseph D. Beck, CIC, CPRM, President