How can buying life insurance help my family?

Here the story how a mother’s love and insistence on getting life insurance protected her loved ones after she passed.

I love my two boys, they are my whole world…they are everything to me.  But being a single parent at my age was never a thought of mine.  My wife Katie, she was the nicest person anyone could ever meet.  We started our life together, we got married – when we started our family together Katie wanted life insurance, but being young and healthy I didn’t think we needed it.  

It’s a good thing that Katie got her way on that.  Shortly after our second son was born Katie contracted Ewing Sarcoma Cancer.   No matter what, we were positive that she was going to make it. 

A year and a half after our second son was born, cancer took her life.  

Katie was adamant about getting life insurance for her family.  Some people think that because they are young and healthy that they don’t need life insurance, but they do.  Now Stephen can raise his sons  without having to worry about money.     

Although nothing can bring Katie back, the life insurance has afforded us to be able to keep the life that we had before she passed.  

Somewhere, someone depends on you. Think of everything you help with – bills, housing, college savings, car insurance, childcare, house management, elder care, and more. Perhaps you don’t even do these now but will at some time in the future. At Beck Insurance Agency, we can help you plan for how to help all those who depend on you now or if something tragic were to happen.

If you live throughout the greater Toledo area, we invite you to meet with us to talk about the options and learn more about pricing. There is no obligation, and we’ll go through the many different life insurance carriers to find you the coverage and policy you need. Many people choose to only go with one type of life insurance coverage – term or whole life insurance. Still, there are other financial planning options we can help you with, including long-term care, annuities, and more. Our skilled agents at Beck Insurance Agency work with residents throughout Toledo, Wauseon, Maumee, Defiance, Archbold, Napoleon, Delta, Montpelier, and the surrounding areas.  Call Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777, email us at or click here.