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In 2019 the top ten insurance companies in terms of advertising spending dished out a whopping $5,281,000,000.  That $5.28 BILLION only includes the ten biggest spendersMost of these companies claim to be able to save you the most money by switching to them.  And it works.  Each of those insurance companies have tremendous growth year after year. 

Regrettably, these ad campaigns have altered the mindset of the insurance consumer.  In way too many instances purchasing insurance has gone from a carefully thought out personal risk management plan, to a cookie cutter – fast food type chore – where the lowest cost wins.

But at what cost does saving a few bucks become?  How much did you truly save if a court orders you to pay several hundred thousand dollars over the limits that were on your policy?

Most prospective clients that call our office for quotes can’t tell us what their auto liability limits are.  They had contacted an agency or a company directly who provided them with a quote.  The provided quote was less than what they were paying at the time, so they went with it.  Often, these prospective clients are what I would consider financially aware and responsible.  We’ve seen brilliant executives with teen drivers carrying auto liability limits of $100,000.  That is a tremendous risk to one’s financial future. 

And it’s not the consumers fault.  That’s what years of this magnitude of marketing can do to people.  We now buy our insurance from lizards, cavemen, ducks, and the like.  We’ve all been tricked.

At Beck Insurance Agency we do things differently.  We carefully evaluate all of your needs and structure a coverage plan tailored for those needs.  We then market those needs with each of our insurance company partners and ultimately present to you the best overall fit.  It is our goal to provide you with excellent counsel, service, and coverage – at a fair cost.  Surprisingly, often that cost does end up lower than what you pay now.  You just never know.

Think of it like this.  No doubt you have heard the phrase, “I would like an apples to apples quote comparison”.  Perhaps you’ve said this yourself at one time or another.  But look at it this way….you have a serious medical issue and received a diagnosis from a specialist.  But you want a second opinion, which is smart.  You wouldn’t ask another specialist for an apples to apples diagnosis would you?  Of course not, that would be detrimental to your physical health.  This approach with your insurance is equally as detrimental to your financial health.  

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