Farm Tractor Safety Tips from Celina Insurance Group

Great tips on farm tractor safety from Celina Insurance Group!

Match operator to Equipment.  Take into account the driver’s size, experience, and decision making ability when setting your equipment and attached machinery.

One Seat Means One Person.  Tractors do not have a safe child care location.  Extra riders disrupt the driver’s attention to detail and decision making abilities.

Rollover Protection System.  The safest tractors have a rollover protection system with an enclosed cab.

Maintain Your Equipment.  Your checklist should include brakes, guards, hazard decals, signals, lights, and other safety devices.

Avoid Side Rollovers.  Understand center of gravity and centrifugal force on slopes and hillsides.

Avoid Rear Overturns.  Hitch only to the drawbar.

Limit Mixing Tractors And Vehicular Roadway Traffic.  Travel during off-peak times when possible.  Use a highly reflective slow-moving vehicle emblem.

Living on a farm comes with its unique charms and risks. Having your dwelling in the same place that you own and operate your business can come with many complicated risk factors that other business owners don’t have to consider. That’s why you need farm insurance coverage to keep yourself protected from the risks as a business owner and a homeowner.

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