DOT safety audits are being done without any warning



DOT safety audits are being done without any warning that the auditor is coming to the trucking company’s office. The auditor just shows up or they may conduct an online audit of the safety documents. If your company has any alerts in the CSA safety ratings, make sure that your driver qualification files are up-to-date along with the drug and alcohol testing, hours-of-service requirements, and vehicle maintenance records. Please contact our office if you need assistance in any safety matter.


It is time to renew your U.S. Customs Transponders. Carriers with vehicles that travel regularly in and out of Canada will need to obtain new transponders or renew their transponders from the U.S. Customs Service for the 2024 calendar year. Those who purchased transponders in past years should have received renewal notices.

The transponder fee again this year will include a U.S. Department of Agriculture annual entry fee. The cost for the transponders will be $418.27 each and will fulfill the user fee required for all crossings during the calendar year for the vehicle to which they are assigned. Individual trip fees can be purchased at the border crossings for vehicles without transponders—the per-trip fee for the US. Customs and the U.S. Department of Agriculture fee is $14.24 per crossing into the U.S. This entry fee will be used to find illegal products entering the U.S.


The state has a mileage tax which started on January 1, 2023. Carriers must be registered for the tax and obtain a Highway Use Fee Permit. Copies of this permit must be carried in the vehicles that go to the state.

There will be monthly tax filings ranging from 6.54 cents per mile for 26,000 GVW vehicles and up to 17.5 cents per mile for vehicles over 80,000 GVW. An 80,000 GVW vehicle will pay 10 cents per mile.

If you have not contacted us on establishing an account in Connecticut and obtaining a Highway Use Fee Permit do so as soon as possible.


Oregon no longer requires the weight receipt in the truck and did away with the $8.50 per unit fee. All vehicles that operate in Oregon must be on file with the state prior to entering the state. The vehicle list must be updated annually by the end of the year with the state. Motor carriers will not receive a renewal application; all changes must be done online.

December 31, 2023 Permit Extensions

  • UCR – 2024 Unified Carrier Registration will be enforced on January 1, 2024.

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Decals & Licenses are extended until February 29, 2024.

  • New Mexico has not granted an extension at this time.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium

Drug and alcohol random testing for commercial drivers has been in existence for 26 years now. The percentage of drivers who must be randomly tested for alcohol and drugs increased in 2020. The known usage of drugs by drivers has dropped over the years.

All carriers that employ drivers with CDLs must have a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program. They must randomly test 10% of their drivers for alcohol and 50% for drugs each year. Also, companies are required to conduct pre-employment (drug only), post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up tests. The trucking industry drug use rate is less than half that of other safety-sensitive workers who must be tested.

Our office provides a drug and alcohol testing consortium that meets the DOT requirements. The pool consists of drivers from the U.S. and Canada. There is an annual fee for each driver enrolled and it covers all the random drug or drug and alcohol collections for a year. Included are the collection site, lab testing, and Medical Review Officer – MRO fees. The required pre-employment drug testing can also be arranged. We have collection sites available nationwide and in Canada.

Carriers can enroll their drivers by contacting our office. Once the fee has been paid, the drivers are added to the pool.

Humphrey Transportation Compliance can also assist you with the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse’s initial and annual queries.

The FMCSA will be revoking all commercial driving privileges for CDL drivers who do not complete the follow-up testing requirements posted in the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse.

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