Does the cost of Medicare go up every year?

Does the cost of Medicare go up every year?

The cost of Medicare is determined by the US Government.  This cost will vary from year to year and is generally based on two factors;  medical inflation and the age of the client factors into the cost of living adjustment.

The benefits covered by the Medicare plan you choose generally doesn’t change very much from year to year.  However, what may change from year to year  would be the amount of your premiums, co-pays, and available deductibles.  These are adjusted according to the Social Security Act and are based on the two factors mentioned above.

Most companies also have rating systems that affects the premiums charged for Medicare Supplements.  Types are:

Attained Age.  The cost of the premiums at your initial enrollment is based upon your age and will continue to increase as you grow older.

Community Rate.  The cost of the premium charged to everyone is the same regardless of age.

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