Do I Need Contractors Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Closing The Gaps: Contractors Errors and Omissions


Listen, we know artisan contractors are masters at their trade. You’re an expert and your business is built on knowledge, experience, and integrity. Do you really need Contractors Errors and Omissions Insurance? Well, it depends on how much you can afford to lose.

Contractors Errors and Omissions Insurance, often referred to as E&O, provides coverage for faulty work or defective products that are a result of a negligent act, error, or omission on your part or from a defect in material or a product sold or installed by you while acting in a business capacity. Without it, you can leave yourself open to potentially devastating lawsuits.

Contractors E&O vs General Liability

You may think that your basic Commercial General Liability Insurance policy is enough. After all, that policy should cover you for things you can be held liable for, and while you’re right about that, there are exclusions with General Liability policies. Contractors E&O steps in and fills certain gaps in coverage that could leave you high and dry if you aren’t careful.

Examples are the best way to explain where those gaps in coverage may be and how Contractors E&O fills them:

The Cabinet Fiasco

You install brand new cabinets in your client’s kitchen in their home. You finish up your work and your clients are so pleased with the look of their new space. You head off on your way, only to get a call hours later that the cabinets have come crashing down, breaking into pieces. Under your traditional Commercial General Liability policy, this would be excluded as “your work.” However, if you have Contractors E&O, it will respond and pay to fix those cabinets that have been installed incorrectly.

The Flooring Conundrum

You’ve been contracted to install brand new flooring in your client’s home. While halfway through the process of laying the floor, you begin to realize the subfloor is too thick and the flooring you are laying on top is now interfering with the doors being able to open and close. Someone has made an error in their calculations, all of your hard work is going to have to be scrapped, and you’ll need to start over. Once again, this would be excluded as “your work” in a Commercial General Liability policy. Contractors E&O would be a saving grace.

We know you’re an expert at your trade, but all it takes is one serious error to take a whole business under. Help protect your livelihood by choosing Contractors E&O insurance!  For more information or to get quotes for your contracting company, contact Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777, email us at, or click here to submit your request.