Do I have to use a certain pharmacy with my Medicare Part D plan?

I have Medicare Part D, do I have to use a certain pharmacy?

When you set up your appointment with us, we will ask that you bring in a list of your current medications, including accurate doses prescribed for each.  At your appointment, we will review your medications and ask which pharmacy you prefer.  We will do our very best to find a Medicare Part D Plan that best fits into your chosen pharmacy, however this will not lock you in to using that pharmacy.

Different insurance companies have contracts with certain pharmacies.  These best rates generally come from pharmacies that have been declared “preferred” for that specific plan and insurance company.  The next best rates would be available by those pharmacies in the “standard” class set forth by the plan and insurance company.  The remainder of pharmacies would then not actually be considered “in the network”, and those would have the highest prescription drug costs.

Again, during your appointment and needs review we will review all of your medications and pinpoint the company and plan that best fits your needs and desires.

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Lori Good, Senior Products Specialist