Deer Season Safety

Deer Season Safetyvideo by Celina Insurance Group

Deer are most active during the fall and winter months, so being prepared is crucial to staying safe this season.  Keep a keen eye open for deer crossing signs, as these areas have been known to see heavy activity.  Deer tend to stick to rural areas that are heavily wooded and have a readily available food supply.  Take extra caution when traveling near woods or crop fields.  Deer activity peaks at sunrise and sunset.  This is especially true during their mating season, which is October through December.  

Ensure that you and your passengers are always wearing seatbelts to protect against making a sudden stop.  

When you encounter a deer, DO NOT swerve to avoid impact.  Swerving to avoid a deer can cause you to lose control of your vehicle leading you to run yourself off the road or worse – into another vehicle.  

Driving at night.  Driving at night can cause a strain on the eyes.  Be sure to drive at a moderate speed and take extra caution on county roads, where deer activity is increased.   Use your high beam lights when there is no oncoming traffic.  This will allow you not only to see clearer, but to see deer from a further distance.  

Are you covered?  Your auto insurance policy may not cover damage to your vehicle as a result of something other than a collision with another vehicle.  Contact Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777, email us at or click here to learn more.

Report collisions.  In the unfortunate event you find yourself in an accident with a deer, be sure to alert your local law enforcement and contact your insurance agent to assist in filing a claim.