Critical – Keep your outside furnace vent clear of snow!

With the coming snowfall for this week being projected at anywhere from 8-16 inches (or more), many people are looking for tips and advice to stay safe and warm.

Often overlooked, but incredibly important is to keep a close eye on the snow build up around the small white plastic pipes coming out of your home.  These pipes are the exhaust vents for your furnace and hot water tank.  Should these vents become obstructed by snow, your furnace may no longer be able to “breathe” thus snuffing  it out and shutting your furnace off.

Obviously, this would be a very dangerous situation in extreme weather, especially if the roads are closed and repair technicians are unable to get to you.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to pay special attention to your vents, blockage could also cause dangerous CO2 gases to backup into your home, creating a serious life and death situation.

The best plan would be to be proactive and keep them clear.  However if your furnace shuts off and you still have power, the first thing you should check is your vents and clear all of the snow and ice away from them.  If you have a manual pilot that is now off, try re-lighting it to see if your furnace turns back on.  Most new furnaces now have automatic pilots, so turn your thermostat off then back on and it hopefully will turn back on.  

Any questions please consult your local licensed HVAC technicians, as neither Joseph D Beck, or Beck Insurance Agency are.