Cost of Life Insurance?

Everyone wants to compare the cost of life insurance to your daily cost of a high-end latte at the fancy coffee house.

How about we just compare it to a medium black coffee at your every corner gas station instead?

The place literally down the street from us charges $1.45 for a medium.

One per day would set you back $529.25 a year.

If I randomly pick one out of our three dozen A Rated Life Insurers and did the math backwards………

• 30 Year Male, $529.25 would buy you $987,496 in 20 Year Term.

• 30 Year Female, $529.25 would buy you $1,261,792 in 20 Year Term.

……for the cost of a realistic cup of coffee.

The point? Life Insurance is the most neglected parts of a family’s insurance planning, and it’s significantly cheaper than what people think.

Here is the fancy disclaimer……rates are based on random selection of companies, non-smoker rates, assuming good health, actual rates and acceptability determined only after going through the underwriting process. 😊 

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