Homeowners Insurance in Bryan, Maumee, Sylvania and Surrounding Areas

Professional advice for your homeowners insurance

Beck Insurance can help you with best value homeowner’s insurance in Bryan OH, Defiance OH, Montepelier OH, Napoleon OH, Waterville OH or Wauseon OH. Homeowners insurance protects your investment in your home as the content inside your home. Your home is one of the biggest investment you will ever make and you want to protect your investment with the right home insurance.  That is why is makes sense to use the services of an insurance professional when deciding about important coverages such as homeowner’s insurance.

Beck Insurance Agency has been around for a while and they understand your insurance needs are different from that of your neighbor.  They also understand you need insurance solutions that match your budget and your circumstances. Since Beck Insurance is and independent agency, they can source solutions and plans from a variety of carriers and can find the best plans for you.

When it comes to home insurance there are common risks that all homeowners face. These include risks such as fire, storm damage, accidents, theft and liability claims.  You would want your home insurance to cover all of those. However, there are certain risks that most insurance carriers shy away from. A good example is flood insurance. That is because flood damage usually extensive and covers a large area. The claims related to flood damage could put a carrier out of business. That is why flood insurance is not a standard part of homeowner’s insurance. You need to get separate flood insurance.  That could also apply to other potentially large-scale disasters such as earthquakes.

It is important to check with your insurance advisor regarding what is included and what is excluded in your homeowner’s insurance policy. That way you can access the risk and decide whether its worth getting special insurance for certain events.

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