Life Insurance in Bryan, Defiance, Montpelier and Nearby Cities

Types of life insurance policies

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Life insurance is not so much about protecting your financial interests as it is about protecting the financial interests of your loved ones. It is human thing to want to take care of those we love, even when we are no longer able to.  Life insurance enables you to take care of your family after your death. They will have enough to grieve about without still having to worry about immediate money and finances.

Generally, there are two main forms of life insurance. Term life and whole life. Term life covers your life for a specified amount of time – for example 20 years. Should you die within that 20 year period your life policy will pay out to your specified beneficiary or beneficiaries. This is a good option for a young couple starting out. Term life is cheaper then whole life and protects your loved ones should the unexpected happen.  Whole life covers your life for as long as you live. The policy will pay put to your chosen beneficiaries. It also possible to get life policies that have an endowment or investment component.  An endowment policy accrues a cash value over time. You can redeem this cash value in the future.

Closely related to a life policy is a disability policy. Disability insurance will look after you and your loved should you become disabled and unable to work.  Life policies can also be used to protect partners in a business. This kind of keyman insurance can help protect the future of a business should one of the key partners die or become disabled.

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