Affordable Disability Insurance for Hairdressers and more!

Most hair stylists today working in salons and spa’s are paid as 1099 employees, which means they are actually self- employed sub contractors.

A drawback of being self employed is that most booth renting hair dressers aren’t given the option to enroll into a Group Disability Insurance plan.  The lack of disability insurance becomes an even bigger problem because as a self employed individual, if you can’t work – you simply don’t get paid.

Disability insurance premiums can be expensive on an individual basis.  However, one of our carrier partners, Pekin Insurance Company, offers a very unique Universal Life policy that can include a rider for disability income insurance coverage.  Up to $2,000 in monthly benefit can be added to the policy for pennies on the dollar.

Quoting a healthy 30 year old female, a $2,000 a month DI limit PLUS $50,000 in life insurance only comes to $32.37 a month! 

$2,000 monthly disability income coverage for only $32.37 a month is crazy cheap.

If you are a self-employed hair dresser, stylist, barber, beautician, massage therapist, tattoo artist – (anything really)….and you want a quote for Disability Income Insurance don’t delay.  Call Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777, email us at, or click here to start the process.