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Fun Things To Do In Wauseon

Wauseon is known for many things and having fun is one of them.

For those who want to enjoy themselves and spend time in the area, here are three of the best options to put on your itinerary as soon as you can. The fun you will have is going to be impressive.

Knotty Vines Winery

Love a glass of wine from time to time?

Many people do and that is one thing you are going to get at Knotty Vines Winery every single time. There is a lot to do at the winery and you will have a great time taste testing throughout the day.

Sunny’s Campground

Want to be outdoors and take a look at the natural beauty in Wauseon? This is the only option that is going to bring it all and make sure it is in one place. You will adore walking around the location once you drive in.

The DB Downtown Billiards

If you are looking to have some fun and party during the night then this is a good spot to visit. You will find a lot of fun people around the area and it is a great time for anyone. For those who do spend time in Wauseon, this is going to be on the list immediately. The pool tables are in pristine condition and are incredibly fun during the day. You are able to join a game or just have fun with your buddies if that is what you are looking to do.

In Wauseon, there are many fun things to do and it all comes down to what you want and what you find to be entertaining. Anyone that is hoping to have fun will be able to find it in the area because it is one of the well-kept secrets in the state.

The History Of Wauseon Ohio

A trip through Ohio, especially if you are near Toledo, should include a trip over to Wauseon. It is a very small city, numbering only 7300 people, and it was named after a Potawatomi chief. The first historical population count was just under 400 people. Since that time, it has grown very little, averaging just a couple hundred additional people in the city each subsequent decade. Here is the history of Wauseon Ohio and a couple reasons that you may want to consider visiting there for a few days.

Origins Of Wauseon Ohio

This location was first populated back in the 1850s. Part of the population growth had to do with the railroad that came out to that location. Once it was incorporated, it became a commercial success. That was also because of the railroad. A courthouse was subsequently built, and then the city, which was nothing more than a small town. Fortunately for those that live there, it has remained relatively small, providing a very nice place to raise children. There are currently about 2000 families that are there. Almost 40% of them have kids that are under 18. The median age is roughly 35 years, and 90% of the people are white. There are other nationalities including Latinos which make up just over 14%. These statistics have not changed for 10 years, and it is likely to remain very similar as it has for decades.

What Can You Do In Wauseon Ohio?

When you visit, as you would expect, most of the larger activities are outside of the city. For example, Sauder Village is a very popular destination that is about 8 miles away. You can visit the Knotty Vines winery which is in town, and there is also Sunny’s Campground. Once you have gone there, you will be ready to come back because of how quiet this location is. If you are visiting from Toledo, it is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are a tourist, you will get to experience how life once was before large cities began to populate the state of Ohio.

Why You Should Think About Moving to Wauseon, Ohio

Do you want to move to a small-town area where you can feel safe and live comfortably with the people who are closest to you? If you are prepared to make a move, consider moving on over to Wauseon, Ohio. The city has a population of less than 8,000 people. Although it is not the most populated city in the state of Ohio, it is still a great place to live because it has more to offer than most people even realize.

If you want to move away from the city because you would prefer to live in an area where you are surrounded by trees and nature, this is the city for you. Many of the homes that are on the market in this city have spacious front yards and backyards where your pets can roam freely, and your children can have a lot of fun spending their time outdoors. The homes in this part of town are known for being much more affordable than homes in other cities. You may be able to find a beautiful, large home for less than what you would be expected to pay when living in the city.

Even though there is not a whole lot to do in the city, you can easily to get to different places by car. Wauseon, Ohio is not far from several great attractions in the state of Ohio, including the DB Downtown Billiards Bar, Skye Cinema Movie Theater, and the Field of Dreams Drive-In Movie Theater. As long as you have a license and a reliable vehicle to use, you can easily get around to a lot of different places while still enjoying the opportunity to live in a slightly secluded area where you will no longer have to deal with so much noise, pollution, or traffic.

3 Good Reasons To Visit Wauseon Ohio

Have you ever been to the city of Wauseon in Ohio because if not, then you should consider going there. There are many reasons why you should, but we’ll discuss a few of them. That being said, continue to read on to find out three reasons why you should visit the city.

The Parks

The city is home to a number of parks, both small and large. If you visit the city, make sure to check out some of the parks, such as South Park, North Park and Homecoming Park. If you’re a fan of parks, then you’ll definitely enjoy spending a bit of time in Wauseon.

Knotty Vines Farm & Winery

Another reason to visit Wauseon, Ohio is because the Knotty Vines Farm & Winery is located there. The menu selection is impressive, the atmosphere is inviting, the staff is friendly and the surrounding scenery is impressive. Trust us when we say this place is worth the trip from anywhere.

Quiet Place

It may be a city, but the population of Wauseon is small and this means it is a quiet place, especially when you compare it to other cities in the state. If you’re looking for a quieter place than Toledo and Columbus, then look no further than Wauseon, Ohio. As soon as you step foot into the city, you’ll notice the difference between it and other major cities. You’ll love the overall laid back feeling of the city.

There are a number of attractions located throughout the city, and the ones mentioned above are only a few. We strongly recommend researching other things to do and see in Wauseon, that way you can plan ahead before you arrive. If you’ve never been to this city, then book a trip there as soon as possible because the chances are you will love it.

Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

Interested in home and auto insurance quotes?  Has it been awhile since you last looked?  Are you confident that your coverage provides adequate protection against financial devastation?  Are your premiums fair for the coverage being carried?

The insurance industry as a whole has done the buying public a great disservice with their continual “cheapest insurance is best” marketing.  Everyone is going to save you hundreds by switching to them, but what protection are you getting in return?  What good does it do if the worst happens and you are financially ruined?

If any of this concerns you, please give Beck Insurance a call for free, no obligation review and quotes.  We will evaluate your needs, identify exposures and propose plans to do just what insurance is intended to do in the first place….protect you.

Natalie Grieser & Kylie Schultz, two of our personal home and auto insurance specialists…are ready to quote your business and earn your trust.  Contact one of them today.

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Medicare benefits: 7 frequently asked questions

Here are seven things all Americans should know about Medicare

Medicare covers, or will eventually cover, virtually all American workers, but this massive health care program isn’t well understood by millions of people. Many don’t know when they will become eligible for Medicare, what it covers (and doesn’t), and what it costs.

With that in mind, here are seven frequently asked questions about Medicare and the answers to each.

1. When can I get Medicare benefits?

Unless you’re disabled, the answer is 65 years old. A common misconception among Americans is that you can get Medicare as soon as you claim Social Security benefits, which can be as early as age 62. Unfortunately, even if you retire early and claim your Social Security benefit early, you’ll have to wait until 65 before you’ll be covered for Medicare.

2. How do I apply for Medicare?

You may not have to. If you’re already receiving Social Security retirement benefits when you turn 65, you’ll be enrolled in Medicare automatically. If this is the case, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Parts A and B of Medicare (more on the parts in a bit), and you can expect to receive your Medicare benefits card about three months before you turn 65.

If you aren’t receiving your Social Security retirement benefit when you turn 65, you’ll have to apply for Medicare, which you can do quite easily on the Social Security Administration’s website. Your initial enrollment period begins three months before the month of your 65th birthday and extends for three months after.

3. What are the “parts” of Medicare?

There are four “parts” of Medicare. Here’s a quick rundown, along with links to learn more about each part:

•Part A is Hospital Insurance, or HI. This primarily covers hospital stays and some stays in skilled nursing facilities.
•Part B is Medical Insurance. This covers doctors’ visits, lab tests, and outpatient procedures, just to name a few.
•Part C is Medicare Advantage. These are plans offered by private companies to provide Medicare benefits.
•Part D is Prescription Drug Coverage. This is optional for beneficiaries.

Parts A and B are collectively referred to as “Original Medicare,” and are generally what’s being referred to when I use the term Medicare.

4. How much does Medicare cost?

Medicare Part A is free for the vast majority of American seniors, but has a deductible of $1,340 per benefit period, as well as coinsurance requirements if your hospital stay lasts more than 60 days or if your skilled nursing stay extends beyond 20 days.

Medicare Part B has a monthly premium. For 2018, the standard monthly premium is $134, but high-income seniors pay significantly more than this. At the high end, seniors with incomes over $320,000 (joint tax return) or $160,000 (individual) have to pay $428.60 per month. In addition, Medicare Part B has an annual deductible of $183 for 2018.

Part D, prescription drug coverage plans, come with an average monthly premium of $35.

5. What does Medicare not cover?

One of the most important things for seniors to know is what Medicare doesn’t cover. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care, dental care, eye exams or glasses, dentures, acupuncture, hearing aids, and routine foot care.

This list is what Original Medicare (Parts A and B) doesn’t cover. Certain Medicare health plans may cover some of these services.

6. What is Medigap?

Since there are many copays and deductibles, private insurers sell Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, or Medigap plans. There are 10 different varieties of Medigap plans, with Medigap Plan F (the most comprehensive) the most commonly chosen option. While Medigap plans are standardized in terms of the coverage they provide, costs can vary significantly.

7. I have health insurance already through an employer. Do I have to enroll in (and pay for) Medicare at age 65?

It depends what kind of health insurance you have. If you have insurance through your employer or your spouse’s employer and the primary insured is still working, you may not be required to enroll in Medicare as long as the company sponsoring your coverage has at least 20 employees. In this case, you’ll have a special enrollment period after you (or your spouse) retire or leave that employer.

On the other hand, if your insurance is through an employer you’ve already retired from, you still have to sign up at 65. If you are required to sign up for Medicare Part B, and don’t, you’ll face a permanent penalty of 10% of the Medicare Part B premium for every year you were supposed to enroll but didn’t.

It’s also worth noting that since Medicare Part A is free, it generally doesn’t make sense to delay signing up for it, even if you’re not required to. Your employer’s insurance will be your primary coverage, and Medicare will be secondary. However, since Part B comes with a premium, it does make sense to wait if you’re still covered by your employer’s plan.

Source of this content is Matthew Frankel of The Motley Fool via USA Today. Original link found hereShould you want more information on Medicare and Medicare Supplements please call Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777 and ask to speak to either Bill Beck or Natalie GrieserOr click here to request a call back.

How Much Home Insurance is Enough

How Much Home Insurance is Enough

The cost to rebuild your home is its replacement value. This can be very different from the estimated market value or actual purchase price. In most cases, it costs more to rebuild the home you own than to buy a new one.

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia How much home insurance is right for you?

Based in Archbold, Ohio, Beck Insurance Agency understands the home insurance needs of our customers. We’ll work with you to estimate the replacement cost for your home and to adjust your policy limits from time to time as needed.

It is critical that you provide us with accurate, updated information about your home and contents. If your dwelling limit accurately reflects your home’s true replacement cost, some companies will pay more than the limit if a covered loss is greater than the limit on your policy.

Once a review of your home and possessions indicates you are properly insured, it’s a good idea to reexamine your coverages and limits from time to time, especially whenever you make additions or improvements. Beck Insurance Agency can help you re-evaluate your insurance needs, just give us a call at 419-446-2777 to speak with one of our agents.

Be Sure You Have Enough Homeowners Insurance
Here are some steps you can take to reduce the danger of being seriously underinsured:

1. Call Beck Insurance Agency.  If you have questions or concerns about the limits in your policy, ask us to show you how those amounts were calculated. This will also give you an opportunity to make us aware of any overlooked information.

2. Read your policy. Certain property, such as jewelry, and certain perils, such as earthquake or flood, is better insured or only available separately. Knowing what is covered and for how much will help you insure properly. If there is anything in your policy you don’t understand, contact Beck Insurance Agency at 419-446-2777 and ask for an explanation.

3. Review. At each annual renewal of your policy, you receive a new Policy Declarations page showing limits of coverage and optional coverages. Review this information. If you do any significant remodeling or add a family room, extra bedroom or bathroom, etc., tell us about these changes so your coverage limits can be adjusted to cover the improvement.

4. Consider carefully whether your policy provides all the protection you need. Does it provide coverage for extra costs resulting from building code changes? Does it automatically increase coverage limits annually to keep pace with inflation? Does it provide additional funds if the cost of rebuilding your home exceeds the policy limits?

Make sure you know:

• Will your insurance company stand behind agreed upon repairs after a claim? Some companies are willing to put this guarantee in writing.

• Does your policy include replacement cost coverage for contents (clothing, furniture, appliances, and other personal property inside your home)? If not, you can add it by endorsement. The cost is small, the protection valuable. Replacement Cost Coverage pays for losses to your possessions at the cost of brand new items. Without this option, a covered loss to your personal possessions would be depreciated by their age and condition, reducing the size of your claim settlement.  If you have an art collection, antique furniture, jewelry, or other valuable possessions, talk to your agent about supplemental coverages, such as fine arts or scheduled property endorsements, to adequately protect your investment in these items. The cost is modest for the extra protection, and often the deductible is waived.

Consider whether you should have more coverage for personal property (contents) than your policy provides. Personal property coverage is usually 50-70% of the coverage limit for the structure. . Supplemental protection is available for a small additional premium.  Inventory your home. Prepare an inventory of personal property items, update it periodically, and keep it in a safe place outside your home, such as a safe deposit box at your bank. It will save you hours of time trying to list everything damaged or destroyed if you need to make a claim. It will also help ensure you don’t forget some items. Beck Insurance can advise you on ways to simplify the job of preparing a personal property inventory such as videotaping each room with descriptive information on the sound track.

Personal Liability

Besides making sure you have enough protection to cover possible damage to your own home and contents, you should also evaluate your exposure to liability risks. These result from damage to the property of another, or injury to a person, not a member of your household, for which you can be responsible.  In recent years it’s become common for homeowners to be sued for injuries or damages to others, even when there is no evidence of negligence by the homeowner. The reality today is if you have any appreciable assets, you are exposed to the risk of being sued. Even if you ultimately prevail in court, your legal fees and the months or years of worry and uncertainty can be a terrible burden on you and your family.

The Personal Liability coverage provided by your Homeowners Policy usually provides a limit of $100,000 or $300,000. We recommend increasing this protection with a personal umbrella policy. Not only will it increase your personal liability, but also your auto liability. Limits are available from $1 million to $10 million and beyond. The cost of this coverage is usually very reasonable.
The right coverage for you is unique – talk to Beck Insurance Agency today to find out how to get the best price and value on home insurance for you.

New Hours at Beck Insurance Agency

Effective today Beck Insurance is adopting new office hours. Beck Insurance will be open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

Evenings and weekends will remain by appointment.

If you have any questions please let us know. It is our pleasure to serve you!

Joe Beck, CIC, VP

Conventional long term care insurance is too expensive now.

Fortunately, many of our life insurance markets have rolled out unconventional products that provide affordable long term care insurance solutions. One such solution available through Beck Insurance is Lincoln Financial Groups “Money Guard II”.

Planning ahead with Lincoln MoneyGuard® II gives you flexible options beginning at age 40. This universal life insurance with an optional long-term care benefit rider gives you a choice of premium payment options of one through 25* years.

Unlike traditional long-term care insurance, your policy costs are set at issue and will never increase provided your premiums are paid as planned and no loans or withdrawals are taken. Your policy provides benefits, even if you never need care, provided all total planned premiums are paid.

You’ve got benefits:

Benefits if you need care

You get more for your money because your policy provides income tax-free reimbursements for qualified long-term care expenses worth more than your premium payments.1 Once eligible, there’s no deductible or waiting period, which could make a real difference in your total out-of-pocket costs for qualified long-term care expenses.

Return of premium Options

You have options. You may choose to maximize your long-term care benefits. A return of 80% of your paid premiums is available once all total planned premiums are paid.3

Or you can maximize your return of premium — 100% return of premium is available after year five, subject to the vesting schedule below, provided all premiums are paid as planned; additional cost applies.3

Vesting schedule
Year 1: 80%
Year 2: 84%
Year 3: 88%
Year 4: 92%
Year 5: 96%
Year 6+: 100%

Stay in control with added advantages

Take the next step toward your future with Lincoln MoneyGuard® II.
1. Add inflation protection options4 to help keep pace with rising long-term care costs.
2. Feel confident if you live abroad because your policy includes international benefits.
3. Help protect your savings and your legacy.

Call Beck Insurance today at 419-446-2777, or click here for more information on alternative, affordable Long Term Care solutions.

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7 Tips to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time for teens, but it can be stressful for parents. Drivers who are 16 have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age, and 20% of teens have an accident in their first year of driving.

Like other drivers, teens have some good and bad habits. The good—they are twice as likely to wear seat belts as their parents. The bad—56% of teens use their phones while driving.

Helping create good driving habits involves talking to your teen and being a good example yourself. Some areas to discuss include:

•Phone usage. Avoid talking on the phone. If necessary, use a hands-free device. Absolutely NO texting, social media, or other Internet usage.

•Seat belts. Always wear them and insist your passengers do too.

•Speeding. Obey the speed limit—going over the limit doesn’t add up to getting there much faster.

•Passenger distractions. The more people in the car, the more likely you are to be distracted.

•Plan your playlist. Turn on your playlist before you start driving, and don’t keep changing the song. If you’re listening to the radio, avoid changing the channel. At highway speeds, your car will travel more than the length of a football field in the time it takes to look down at a radio for just a few seconds.

•Yellow means caution. Don’t speed up to chase a yellow light. Likewise, be careful when the light turns green and watch for drivers who may be running a red.

•Say something. If you’re a passenger and feel unsafe, speak up!

When both parents and children pledge to drive safely and hold each other accountable, it is most effective. Agree on rules they—and you—will follow behind the wheel.

Credit to Acuity Insurance!